Media Work

I have extensive experience of working with broadcast, digital and print media, grounded in a strong belief that for academic work to have a resonance and use for others that we scholars need to get it ‘out there’. I welcome media enquiries, either to participate directly or provide background information on all topics connected to my areas of interest and expertise.


The Times: We need practical guidance for dealing with serious illness at home

Independent: Coronavirus has made death a fact of life again – we should embrace it

The Conversation: how the power to delay death has allowed neoliberalism to flourish


BBC Radio 4: We Need to Talk about Death, ‘I can’t afford a funeral’

Independent: The rise of ‘pauper’s funerals’ is a disgraceful reminder of Britain’s inequalities


BBC Radio 4: Money Box ‘UK funeral industry investigated for high prices’

The Conversation: ‘From Prince Charles and his mother down, why Britain finds it hard to talk about Death’


The Conversation: ‘ The dead and dying have been ignored by politicians for too long’


The Guardian ‘Poorest People cannot afford costs of dying, report claims’


BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed ‘Family funerals; red tape’

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