Working with partners

I enjoy working with external organisations and partners, and over the years have welcomed opportunities to undertake a variety of consultancy projects with Royal London, Volunteer Cornwall, Sunlife and the City of London Corporation. These projects have been varied in their size and scope, and have included report writing, desk based research, interviewing and consultations, analysis and media work. A select list of publicly accessible outputs can be found below.

Royal London (2016) Keeping the Faith—keeping-the-faith.pdf

Sunlife (2013) ‘When it’s gone, it’s gone: the paradox of saving for funeral costs’, Cost of Dying Annual Report

Kate Tuckwell

A bit like Clark Kent or Dr Jekyll, I work and publish as an academic using my maiden name Woodthorpe, but since having children I am increasingly undertaking activities and campaigning under my married name Tuckwell. As Kate Tuckwell I am involved in work promoting diversity and difference for children born with complex medical issues, support for parents of children with complex medical needs, and inclusion in nursery and schooling. I would welcome enquires connected to my personal work.

Published by Kate Woodthorpe

Sociologist, Mum, thinker about all things death related.

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